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Mother Board with ADF7023 io-homecontrol® Compliant RF Transceiver working in channels at 868.25 MHz, 868.95 MHz and 869.85 MHz

The ADF7023 is a very low power, high performance, highly integrated FSK/GFSK transceiver designed for operation at the three io-homecontrol® channels at 868.25 MHz, 868.95 MHz and 869.85 MHz in the license-free ISM band. The ADF7023 is fully compliant to ETSI-300-220, and is based on the popular ADF7020 transceiver with enhanced digital baseband features specifically designed for the io-homecontrol® standard.

ADF7023 features include:
Fully integrated io-homecontrol®-compliant protocol covering
Layer 1, Layer 2, and time critical elements of Layer 3
Media access
Master, slave, and beacon modes supported
Automatic io-homecontrol channel scan
Automatic CRC, preamble, start byte insertion/check
UART data encoding as per io-homecontrol
Smart preamble detect/packet sniffing
Automatic address filtering
Low power modes
Very low power consumption
13 mA in receive mode
24.1 mA in transmit mode (10 dBm output)
0.65 μA in RCO wake mode
1.25 μA in XTO wake mode (32 kHz oscillator active)
65 μA average current in low power mode (with 2 ms scan time every 0.5 seconds)
Receiver sensitivity (10−3 BER)
−107.5 dBm at 38.4 kbps FSK, 20 kHz deviation
Output power programmable up to 13.5 dBm
Automatic PA ramping
Dual PAs offer Tx antenna diversity
Very few external components
Integrated PLL loop filter
Integrated Rx/Tx switch
Integrated battery monitor
On-chip 8-bit ADC and temperature sensor
Efficient and flexible SPI control interface
4 lines available for low cost microcontroller interface
Flexible Tx and Rx data buffers
Efficient burst mode register access
1.8 V to 3.6 V power supply
5 mm × 5 mm, 32-lead LFCSP package
  • Home automation
  • Process and building control