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The AD5700-1 is a single-chip solution, designed and specified to operate as a HART® FSK half-duplex modem, comply­ing with the HART physical layer requirements. The AD5700-1 integrates all of the necessary filtering, signal detection, modulating, demodulating and signal generation functions, thus requiring few external components. The 0.5% precision internal oscillator on the AD5700-1 greatly reduces the board space required, making it ideal for line-powered applications in both master and slave configurations. The maxi­mum supply current consumption of the oscillator is 285µA, making the AD5700-1 a low power complete solution ideal for per channel HART I/O implementations. Transmit waveforms are phase continuous 1200 Hz and 2200 Hz sinusoids. The AD5700-1 contains accurate carrier detect circuitry and uses a standard UART interface.


  • Field transmitters
  • HART multiplexers
  • PLC and DCS analog I/O modules
  • HART network connectivity